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south africa

“president mandela” hotel, center for african crafts, conference & exhibition hall

feasibility study

the apostolic faith church

The new complex should be inserted “in place” of the hill imitating it in the shape and materials as more as possible. As the existing stone will have to be removed, and in order to have the new building as more related as possible with the location, a new quarry should be planted in the area. Excavating for the foundations and the 2 storey underground car parking will also allow to extract the material for the new building external covering.

6.500 sqmt Conference Hall (4.000 seats)
900 rooms Hotel
11.000 sqmt Park
6.000 sqmt Exhibition and Sale Space for African Crafts
Restaurants, Shops, Spa, Facilities
2 storey underground car-parking up to 5.000 cars

With arch. Arabella Bettazzi