Why we take part in designing competition?
Because comparing to people is the best way to grow. We consider designing competition very important in order to verify our skills, ideas and vision facing the rest of the world.

Why we work with young people and we welcome them in our office?
Because living with young people pushes us to be informed and brainy. This is the best way to keep our mind sharp. On the other hand, to have the possibility to transfer them our expertise is very pleasing to us and we love this process of mutual knowledge.

Why we work abroad, out from Italy?
Because as farer you are from home, as stronger is the challenge. Working with people and for clients coming from different countries and cultures continuously forces us to change our mind, trying to adapt to everyday changes.

Why we work in team?
Because modern architecture exists in modern world, and modern world is very complex. So complex world asks complex questions that need complex and precise answers demanding different skills. Multidisciplinary teams are fundamental in order to take part in the global challenge of modern architecture.

Why we work with public entities?
Because public works are for people. Designing public spaces and buildings involves stronger ethical implications. Your client is public, and you are paid with public money, that means you are working for every single inhabitant living in that community.

Why we work with private clients?
Because private clients usually need competence and accuracy together with rapidity. When your client is a private company, you need to work fast avoiding any single mistake. It is a very amazing and exciting process.

Why we take part both in university and independent research teams?
Because it allows us to keep our minds fresh, not focusing only on solving problems related to our practice. Research must be visionary in order to let people discover new concrete methods to live.